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Hosteling Inter National Membership

Q:Whta is Youth Hostel?
  • Hostelling International is a membership organisation.There are over 4000 hostels in the world and over 300 hostels in Japan. HI membership gives you much more than a comfy bed! It puts you at the heart of a huge international family, where you can share experiences, travel and friendship with people of all nations.Yakushima Youth Hostel is a member og HI.
Q:How Can I join Hosteling International?
  • When you check in Yakushima Youth Hostel you can join the member if you have physical address in Japan.Annual fee2,500YEN.You can join YH at Japan YH association of youth hostel.The enrollment procedure in the south village is not possible.
Q:What is Youth Hostel and Montbell cobranded card?
  • This card allows you to get discount or membership service from Youth Hostel and Montbell Outdoor equipment store.The annual convention fee is 2500 yen. You need to have your physical address in Japan. Purchase the membership from Yakushima Youth Hostel or Montbell Outdoor equipment store.We recommend this membership for especially people who love outdoor activities!
Q:I'm a member of Montbell club, can I get a discount?
  • Yes, you can get a 5% discount to stay at both The Youth Hostel and The guest house.(only the person who has the membership card)
Q:If I become the member of HI when I check in your Youth Hostel , Can I get the discount to stay ?
  • when you become the menber at Yakushima Youth Hostel,we give you the card and you will get the discount to stay with us.You can also could get some discount at some stores in Yakushima so why don't you get the discount?

If you'd like to know about the details Japan Youth Hostel Association HPPlease check this site.

Fee and Booking

Q:Do I need to book in advance?
  • Yes. If we have vacant but if you already have a plan to stay with us please let us know beforehand so we could prepare some stuff. In addition, we don't take a reservation for the camp site at the South Village so please call us the day you stayo make sure if we are avairable.
Q:When can I make booking?
  • You can make a reservation 90 days before the your stay.
Q:Can I make temporary reservation?
  • You can't. Please make a reservation when you decide the day.
Q:Do you have waiting list?
  • No, we don't have waiting list.
Q:Can I stay at a private room alone?
  • Yakushima Youth Hostel will usually provide dormitory accommodation and this can either be in single sex. If you are 3 or more people we offer a private room with same price as regular fee.We offer a private room for two people (extra charge) sometimes but it depends on the situation.In addition, South Village guest house has a private room for a person all year around.サウスビレッジにおいては、通年個室を設定しております。


Q:What do I better bring with me?
  • Towel and tooth brush etc.We have shampoo, conditioner and body soap in the bathroom.
Q:Do you have hot tub and shower?
  • Yes we have bath tub but it is not Onsen but it is very comfortable so feel ferr to enjoy your bath time.
Q:Can I eat something in the hostel? Can I cook in the hostel?
  • You can bring your food and eat in the common room. The Youth Hostel doen't have fully equipment kitchen but microwave griller rice cooker and electronic kettle.The South Village has fully kitchen equipment.
Q:Can I have a party?
  • No, you can’t have a private party. You can have some alcohol in the common room/Irorian(common kitchin space) but you can’t occupy the room.Ainowa Restaurant that accept a party plan and private use. please ask Ainowa's staff for the detail.
Q:Can I smoke at the hostel/ the guest house?
  • Yakushima Youth Hostel doen't have any ashtray so if you would like to smoke you MUST have portable ashtray.South Village has smorking area at the outside.


Q:Can you give me a ride?
  • No we can’t. Its only 10 minutes walk from Miyanoura port. South village is far from the port but only 3 minutes walk from nearest bus stop(Hirauchi Iriguchi) Miyanourako iriguchi bus stop.
Q:Can you prepare lunch box (bento) for me?
  • No, we can’t. There are some bento (lunch box) stories neat the hostel. The store is open early in the morning (from 4:00 sometimes) You need to make a booking through a phone in Japanese. We can help you to make a phone call if you need.If you stay at South Village and use a public bus you better make a lunchbox by yourself.
Q:Can you keep my baggage before check in and after check out?
  • Yes we can. You can leave your stuff in the storage at the Youth Hostel.・You could leave your stuff at Irorian where is common kitchen at South village for 24 hours. If you leave your stuff at the reception when it is open (8am-12pm、3pm-6pm).When you stay at a moutain hut you can leave your stuff here.
Q:Do you rent any mountain equipment?
  • South Village has some mountain equipment for rent. Youth Hostel doen't have it but there is rental store nearby.(Check below)
Q:Can I send my stuff to the hostel? Can I send my stuff from the hostel?
  • Yes you can do both but you can’t send your stuff to oversea from the hostel nor the guest house.Yamato deliveries the stuff.when you have heavy luggage , it is convenient to send your luggage to the guest house from the youth hostel(opposite way as well).

Around Youth Hostel and South Village

Q:Is there any restaurant and bars?
  • Yes, around Youth Hostel, there are some and most of them are only 10minuts walk.There are a few restaurant/bar around South Village.
Q:Is there any convenience store near the hostel?
  • There is a convenience store that 15minutes walk from the hostel. It is NOT open 24 hours. They don't have ATM. It is open from 8:00.There is a super market near the hostel (5minutes walk) and it might be more convenient. It is open from 9:00 to 22:00 and They accept VISA and MASTERCARD. There is no convenience store near the guest house but a small store(it 15min on foot).
Q:Is there any ATM on the island?
  • There are ATMs at post office and bank 10 min walk from the youth hostel. There is a post office at Onoaida where is 10 min bus ride from the guest house.(Bus stop number 95)All the ATM's places open daytime only.
Q:Is there any mountain rental shop?
  • South Village has some mountain equipment, bicycle and a car for rent. Youth Hostel doen't have them but there is rental stores nearby.「Yakushima Visitor center(0997-42-0091)*Mountain equipment、rental bicycle」、「Suzuki Rental(0120-80-1772)*Rental Car and scooter」
Q:Is there any hot spring near the hostel or the guest house?
  • There are three hot springs near the guest house(Hirauchi Kaichu Onsen, Yudomari Onsen, Onoaida Onsen)It's nice to go around the onsen by rental bicycle.There are two hot springs. Both are over 4km away from the hostel. One of them is called Kusugawa hot spring and you can catch a bus to get to there. ( its about 10 minutes walk from the bus stop)

Miyanoura area where is the most convenient place in the island but its not city so no store is open for 24 hours and some stores are close without notice.

Sightseeing ・Hiking

Q:I would like to see Jomonsugi, how can I get there?
  • If you stay at South Village , Taking the original Jomonsugi tour is the best way.If you stay at Youth Hostel , public bus is abairable to get the Arakawa Tozanguchi(The Montain entrance).If you prefer to use a tour you better stay at South Vilage Guest house and if you prefer to do it by yourself you better stay at the Youth hostel.
Q:Can I go to the mountain or forest in winter time?
  • Usually you can go to Yakusugi land and Shiratani unsuikyo all year around but sometimes they are close because of the whether.You can not go to see Jomon sugi sometimes because of snow and icy road.Mt.Miyanoura is completely covered with snow in most wintertime.
Q:Can I swim near the hostel?
  • There is Kurio beach from the Guest House that is 15minutes by bus.There is Isso beach that is 15minutes by bus.Kurio River and Miyanoura River are also nice place to swim.
Q:Can I take a public bus to go around the island?
  • Yes ,the public bus goes to the main sightseeing spot.If you use the bus you better get a unlimited bus pass. We sell the pass so ask us about it!The public bus is very limited so renting a car gives you more frexibirity.South Village has a rental car so you can use it whenever you feel like. You can shear the car with your roommate too. This is what great thing when you stay at a guset house!
Q:Can I make a reservation to take a tour after I get to the island?
  • South Village's「Jomonsugi Trekking tour」: You must make a reservation 7 days before the tour.You must make a reservation to use the most other tour by the day before the tour.You can make a reservation after you come the island but sometimes you can’t. It is because of the situation. (especially high seasons that are Golden week(end of April to first week of May, summer time and Silver week( from 3rd week of September to 4th week of September) ) If you already decided the day we recommend you to make the reservation before you come the island.
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