Yakushima South Village Guest House

South Village・Guest House

「Once you come here you feel the nature and relaxed」

There are fascinate log house.The full of beautiful stars in the sky are fantasitic. Having some nap on the hammock is great.You don't have to climb a mountain to feel the nature! Staying in Yakushima is the best thing to relax.

「You travel as if you are living in the island. Full facilities」

For the long stay guests we have kitchen, TV room and a small library therefor you will never get bored even We have rainy day!

「The climate is mild and comfortable in the south part of the island.」

Moreover, Hirauchi kaichu Onsen (sea side hot spring) Yudomari Onsen (sea side hot spring) and Onoaida Hot spring.There are also some pottery and studio to make pot,accessories and more! You will have precious time there. We highly recommend you stay the south especially winter time since the whether is warm and mild!

Room Type

Western style room with Bunk Bed and Japanese style room.(8 rooms)There are common bath room and toilet. Dormitory has bunk bed. Private room is usually Japanese style room but it depends on the situation.

Stay Fee

Person/night Fee( Exclude Tax)
※Minimum stay is 3 nights
3 nights to 6 nights over 7 nights
(Donitory、Female and Male are separated)
3,000yen(+tax) 2,500yen(+tax)
Private Room
3,000yen(+tax) 2,500yen(+tax)
Private Room
(a person)
4,000yen(+tax) 3,500yen(+tax)
  • Busy season(April27th-May5th, July13th-Aug31st, Dec29th-Jan3rd)rate apply.(+500yen each stay fee)
  • Child(Under Grade 9) 500YEN Discount from the Regular Fee
  • chirdlen 3 years old and under are free but It is only accepted with private room.
  • In the cace of Cancellation and a change the date we ask you Cancelation Fee.
  • There ia a coupon(16000YEN tax excluded for 6 nights)that you could use it for Yakushima Youth Hostel and Yakushima South Village.


How to Book

We accept a reservation from 3 months before the stay.
Contact Open Hour Reply
(confirm the reservation)
Phone +81-997-47-3751 8-10am/4-6pm Right away Non
FAX 0997-47-3751 24Hours Within 24Hours 3 days before the stay
E-mail Request form 24Hours Within 24Hours 3 days before the stay


Room Bunk bed with reading light or Futon mattress、Power Plug、Air-Conditioner ※There is some difference, but is all room about the same.
Common Facilities
Bath Room(soap)、Restroom(Hair dryer,Soap)、Guest Kitchen、Library、TV Room、Car Par
Common Facilities
Washing machine(200YEN with detergent)、Dryer(200YEN/45分MIN)、Shoe Dryer(100YEN/20min)
Sale Portable Toilet(300YEN)、Yakushima mountain climbing map(500YEN)、Original T shirt(2500YEN-)
we sell selected souvenirs such as tea and jam made in Yakushima.
Rental Bath towel (100YEN)
Bike Rental、Car Rental、Mountain Equipment Rental


Yakushima South Village map
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